Weakling (US) Dead as Dreams

Weakling's Dead as Dreams which was released in 2000, however largely written throughout 1998, can be described as the seminal USBM album of its generation. Their one and only release it is an exceptional album and one with no peer. 

Weakling can be best likened to DSBM however their style is somewhat different. Piercing vocals by John Gossard are the notable resemblance but their musical structure doesn't "follow" traditional black metal.

Dead as Dreams LP insert

The album ranges from a winding build up to an unrelenting assault. It takes you on a journey with highs and lows then unease to intensity.

The album isn't one that is easily accessible or digestible on the first listen. I find myself listening to this album in solitude and in its entirety, that is, from start to finish without interruption. A revisit is performed once every blue moon and I can assure you I find something new every time I listen to it.

The album isn't without its imperfections. One of those being the bass being lost somewhere in the mix. This may have something to do with the fact that the production is so muddled and murky however this adds to the character and "sound" of the album.

The only post-Weakling band worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence is Dead as Dreams with their MCD "Their Steps Become Unbearable". Highly recommended from the lair of the black angel.