Vintage Cassettes

Audio cassettes hold a special place in my black heart. Listening to an output by an artist on these little plastic rectangular storage devices conjures a special feeling within.

This is not because of the analogue format. Definitely far from it.

The main reason is musicians and bands put a significant amount of effort, thought, dedication and passion into a release that is, for the most part, their first offering. It is the closest and purest thing to articulating their sound and vision, in its purest form, to the listener. It encapsulates musical integrity and truth.

In an endearing way, demos are also raw and often awkward in musicianship and musical composition. It lacks pretence.

In a world full of posers, cookie cutter bands, and trends it's refreshing to find an artist that ticks all the boxes. What better way than popping in a tape and pushing down on that 'Play' button. Mega thanks go out to Mark Harvey, Kalil Mehri and Edmund Barzakov for their thoughts and assistance with this medium.

For a comprehensive history and archive of vintage cassette tapes I encourage you to check out the following Vintage Cassettes resource. My personal favourites are BASF 1985-87, RAKS 1988-89, and TDK 1986-87 eras.