Misery's Omen (AU)

Misery's Omen was one of the first introductions to the local underground metal genre in Australia. This article examines the portal I entered and am still travelling through.

Hailing from the city of churches, both musically and personally, I started to look at music in my own backyard thus discovering MO.

Playing a twisted form of black and doom metal I had never heard of I must admit it, wasn't immediately palatable. Mainly due to the fact I had never heard such a blending of genres. The penny soon dropped and I reached out to the practitioners to acquire their wares.

Each member, I soon realised, had their own projects and I delved even deeper. Not only did I find new music, inspiration and shared interests but new alliances.

Underrated for a number of factors, Arganoth Doom and Misery's Omen will forever be hailed up high for their stellar twisted outputs and for introducing me to a number of other underground bands.
Malificunt Pope Choker, Arganoth Doom & D.E.M.O.N