Glöster Gladiattor (CO) Glöster Gladiattor

Colombia produced some utterly insane proto-death/black metal in the 80's however this EP is something else. 

When you think of Colombian EP's the ones that come to mind are Astaroth, Herpes and of course the bizarre Nemesis but this release is as illusive as it is interesting.

Formed in 1984 and disbanded in 1988 this is the only known release although they had several other tracks. Glöster Gladiattor played at "Batalla de las Bandas" in 1985 alongside other bands in Medellín like Spol, Mierda, Danger, Excalibur, Parabellum, Lasser and Kraken according to Metal-Archives. Their setlist was Heavy Metal es la Solución, Fariseos, Caos y Destrucción, and Terror en mi Cerebro.

This independently released 7" was pressed on the thinnest yellow toilet paper ever manufactured. Minimal effort was put into this release but the music... it's a hybrid mix of Reencarnacion and Nemesis. Really good eclectic Colombian maniac metal. In terms of quality, don't expect high quality musicianship just like most bands from the continent that era (Resistencia excluded). Guerra Mundial is on side A followed by Desastre Terrenal on side B. No doubt this will be re-released one day, until then here's a rip.

Culto puro total.

Glöster Gladiattor live in Medellín 1985

Glöster Gladiattor - Glöster Gladiattor 7" EP