Necros Christos (DE) Baptized by the Black Urine of the Deceased

After stumbling upon Necros Christos back in 2003 I had to get their demos. Those doomy bone crunching riffs. The simplistic yet catchy death metal was alluring and fearsome at the same time. After the usual forensic-like background research into a new band, I uncovered the other releases. Then I came across Baptized by the Black Urine of the Deceased.  This has to be my favourite track by Necros Christos. 

Yes, that's right. Baptized. by. the. Black. Urine. of. the. Deceased.

The ritualistic whispers, the intro, the chainsaw guitar, the pounding drums and then the reverbed vocals.


Κύριε ἐλέησον

black liquid anointed the head of Christ -